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does God know?

Every tear you’ve shed

Every time you’ve been bruised by hard words of another

Every time you’ve taken the heat for a situation you did not cause

Every time you’ve prayed for an answer

Every time you’ve been hurt by a close friend or relationship

Every sad event you’ve had to withstand

Every burden you have willfully carried

Every time you’ve cried yourself to sleep

God saw it.

He knows.

he knoweth the secrets of the heart. Psalm 44:20,21.

Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the Lord. Jeremiah 23:24.

To some people, it makes them nervous to know that God is everywhere, and that He sees all

But I am comforted by the fact that God sees everything in my life!

He knows my motives

He knows my sincerity

He knows my faithfulness

He knows my heart

He knows my desires

He knows my willingness

He knows how bad I want to be like Him

He knows when I am trying my hardest

God sees those who do me wrong.

 God sees my needs

long before I recognize them.

 God knows what my tomorrow holds

And He’s with me through each one of them.

 God knows what I need to make it another day.

 God knows my weaknesses and uses me anyway.

God Knows 

He knows every sacrifice I’ve made

He knows when I have reached my limits

He knows the secrets I cannot share

He knows when I am completely exhausted

And He knows when I need carried for awhile

He knows when I need a friend

He knows when I need a blessing

He knows just when I need to push harder

And He knows when I need to rest

God knows 

But one particular morning I wondered.

It was a Sunday morning, just a few years ago.

I walked through the back doors of our Church,

 smiled and nodded a few hellos

and took my place in the pew.

Something about the morning just felt different to me.

The music started and the songs were

all upbeat and joyful, resounding beautifully off the sanctuary walls

 but I stared at the screen and the words were all in a haze.

I couldn’t seem to get myself to hear the words I was singing

 so I stopped for a moment and tried to really focus.

I remember saying to the Lord,

“What I really need this morning is to just cry.

I need my spirit washed and made new.”

I couldn’t think of one thing I had done wrong.

I had not sinned. At least knowingly.

I could not understand the heaviness.

I felt I needed to just get alone with God.

To get alone ~in a room full of people?

I ached to feel the arms of God

wrapped around me.

No words. Just to feel Him

Did God really know what I needed that morning?

I wondered, although I had grown up hearing that there

is “Something for everyone” in any given Church service.

But in this service I felt almost out of place while the worship and rejoicing were all around me

After the first song, I saw our Pastor tap the worship leader to step aside and he walked to the pulpit and began to minister to the congregation.

Almost immediately, the atmosphere changed

~like a holy hush

I couldn’t hold it back anymore.

I stepped out of my pew and made it almost to the front when I slowly fell to a crumpled position on the floor,

and just began to weep.

I cannot explain it.

It was something my soul absolutely needed.

And while I got lost in the presence of the Lord

several others had found places in their pews, along the walls, and at the altar and were just weeping and crying in the powerful presence of the Lord.

The Lord was surely in that place

And we needed to just be loved by our Heavenly Father

God knew.

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