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Do I take Insurance?

We are dedicated to working with Christian’s in all realms of life including ministry, family, health, children and marriage. Whether you have personal issues like, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, compulsive behaviors, anger or addictions…or relationship issues with a spouse or child, we specialize in Christian counseling that is effective, spiritual, and theologically grounded.


Through counseling you will learn why you feel the way you do, and how to manage emotions and increase self-confidence.  We will direct your thoughts upward and inward to find the complete healing that you are desperate to find.

A Counseling Session or Advanced Personal Development Course is $60/session.
​​A cancellation fee of $60 will be charged for no shows and cancellations less than 24 hours. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check or online payment.


We do not take insurance payments. ​
There are several advantages to paying privately:

  • You have the freedom to choose your counselor and the type of care you receive.

  • When you are paying privately, you have the autonomy to choose the best counselor suited for your needs rather than the insurance company limiting who you can see. You also have flexibility in the type of counseling, who to include in the session, and the length of services.

  • You or your child will not be labeled with a mental health diagnosis.

  • You must be diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis in order for your therapy to be covered by insurance which can affect future coverage.  Not all people who seek counseling necessarily have a mental health diagnosis.  Often, individuals are experiencing normal reactions to stressful or challenging life situations and need support with that process.

  • You will have complete confidentiality.

  • Your records will not be shared with anyone without your permission.  In fact, no one else will know you are in counseling unless you tell them.

  • You will be able to stay with your counselor even if your insurance plan coverage changes

Can you really put a price on the spiritual and emotional benefits that often result from investing in counseling? We often invest our time, money, and other valuable resources in temporary and worldly pursuits that will never change the course of our lives.

You have the right to decide.

By choosing to pay out of pocket…it puts the choice for Therapy completely in your hands!

Do something that will last a lifetime….Invest in yourself!

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Victim Mentality
is a "learned personality trait" in which a person feels powerless and unable to cope or take action to change. Victim Mentality thinkers feel they are not responsible for their feelings or actions. They sit around and feel sorry for themselves and think others should too. 
That hurt will not stop until you wise up and take responsibility for your life. There is really no way around it.

Why Today?

You've got right now!
You've got today!

No one is guaranteed tomorrow. 

So it’s the perfect time for a change!

If your exhausted from trying to figure out who you are and why you’re here…you don’t need to wait any longer!

If your tired of relationship issues…you can fix them!

Don’t go through another year, another month, or another day being unhappy.

Depression, anxiety, worry, addictions…all need to go!

Change can happen as soon as TODAY!

It’s time to make the effort to change all these things!

Let’s get you on the road to a BREAKTHROUGH! -Today!

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Will the Genesis Process Help Me?
If you're ready for change it will.

The Genesis Process program is an outpatient Counseling program that blends sound biblical principles, and an understanding of the neurochemistry of the brain, into an effective road map to help facilitate positive change. It is a twenty-week Process to focus on healing the wounds from family and relational issues that drive self-destructive or unhealthy behavior. The Genesis Process can be a group or individual (10 -16 week) counsel setting.

Addictions are many; and they range from drugs, alcohol, food and sex to behaviors such as control, shame, fear, jealousies, anger, etc… The program offers proven principles and tools for obtaining lasting personal and spiritual change. Many have been helped, and are continuing to be helped through the Genesis Process.

SIMPLIFIED ADDICTIVE BRAIN OVERVIEW The limbic (addictive) part of the brain basically controls these areas; emotion, experiential learning and memory, dreaming, attention, pleasure, reward and arousal. It also controls the way we perceive emotional, motivational, sexual, and social behavior, including the formation of loving attachments. The limbic system not only controls the capacity to experience love and sorrow, but it governs and monitors our basic needs. This includes hunger and thirst, cravings for pleasure-inducing experiences such as drugs, food, sex and other real or imagined needs. Anything that has to do with survival (our ability to cope) can become an addiction.

The Limbic System is what the Bible calls the heart If you want to change destructive behaviors and emotions you must change your Heart. The Limbic System (the heart) is negatively programmed through painful experiences with people we trusted, especially in our formative years. Not trusting or being able to bond with others leads to fear, anxiety, loneliness, isolation and self-gratification. Since the heart is negatively programmed through hurtful experiences with others, it must be healed through opposite experiences. When we can’t get our needs met from others we have to learn to self-gratify. Addiction is self-gratification. This is why recovery that heals what drives self-destructive behaviors is a process of learning to trust again. The process of trust that heals our heart usually begins with God and then people.

Reward without work is neurochemically destructive. When we solve problems with chemicals we don’t learn anything. Our brain can become conditioned to be hyper-vigilant (super focused) on anything that can create a real or imagined feeling of well being or safety (freedom from stress and fear). The bottom line is that addicts don’t chronically use to get high, they use to feel normal. The addition is about feeling normal and being able to cope. When this survival part of the brain is damaged the ability to concentrate, handle stress, and experience reward and pleasure is diminished.

People with limbic problems are at high risk to become addicted to anything that can help them to function, feel safe, normal or a sense of pleasure. So anything that makes us feel safe and reduces stress, raises coping neurochemicals in the Limbic System, causing the brain to associate it with survival, or feeling normal. The limbic system can equate painful or fearful emotions with death (the ability to cope and survive) and create a focused attention (craving) for what we did in the past to feel ok again. Cravings can become difficult or impossible to say no to. This whole process is mostly subconscious which is why we can’t control addictive behaviors. The more the survival behavior is repeated, the more ingrained it becomes, resulting in a loss of control, thus an addiction. This is why we do the very thing we don’t want to do.

Read Romans 7.

The Limbic System has a memory system that records experiences that have to do with pleasure and reward and fear and pain. It sets up systems of thoughts, emotions and reactions to avoid what caused fear and pain in the past. It also sets up systems to repeat what reduced fear and pain and produce a feeling of pleasure. Fear and pain avoid it; pleasure and reward do it again. This is the cycle of the addictive brain. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ One way this translates to treatment is that our Survival Brain will resist making changes associated with real or imagined fears, unless there is a measure of safety. Facing fears (conscious or unconscious) alone is not safe.

Wounds, addictions, relationship problems….If you ready for change,

Then you are ready for THE GENESIS PROCESS!


The first step toward success is knowing what it is you need to do

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