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irreversible damage: Facts you need to know NOW!

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

"Abigail Shrier dares to tell the truth about a monstrous ideological fad that has already ruined countless children's lives. History will look kindly on her courage." (Michael Knowles, Host of the Michael Knowles Show)

I’m up early writing this on a Sunday morning because I read this book before I went to bed on Saturday night. It bothered me so intensely that I had to write and share this information. If you have a young teenage daughter in your home you MUST stop and order this book now! There is a movement that is destroying our young ladies and I for one cannot sit idly by and not talk about this.

Abigail Shrier exposes in her book one of the deepest pieces of knowledge about the transgender craze that is sweeping our nation and destroying our daughters. Her book has been met with both criticism and delight. Her courage is amazing! For those embracing this movement her words are like swords. For those ready to expose this darkness and get their daughters back, and even for those who have crossed-over and need restored…this book will tell it all.

I’m only going to attempt to share with you her findings of MANY studies and you can decide to do more homework on you own, but for me, a person who has counseled several young ladies with an identity crisis…I am sounding an alarm!

This transgender movement begins most usually at the public school. It’s being fed to our young girls through it’s biggest source: the internet. Social media sites like Youtube, TikTok and others are the fuel line to this vehicle.

The stages as exposed in her book start with young ladies who ”all of a sudden” question their gender. After years of being a cute little girly-girl who loves pretty dresses and playing with dolls, suddenly decides they don’t know who they are. The next step will be to change their appearance. Shaving one’s head is usually a first attempt at changing who they are. They may shave all of their head, or part. Next they will start dressing more like a guy, jeans, flannel shirts, boots, etc.

One of the next stages (’m skipping through her book quickly) is to start taking male hormones. They can also purchase a decompressor vest to hide the fact they have breasts. All of this will come in a package purposefully packaged so parents will not know. For those who are deep into the movement, double mastectomy's (surgically removing both breasts) will be the next move. Some will attempt to have their female private parts, annihilated. One of the final stages for these girls is they are told to disassociate with family who does not embrace their ”new lifestyle.” They are told to abandon all of them.

These girls are now affirmed to be one of the reasons suicide rates as well as depression and anxiety and addiction is soaring to new highs among our teens. For those deep into the darkness, suicide will be encouraged. Parents of these transgender girls are stepping up and speaking out some for the first time. Shrier's book has exposed the movement, and has given these parents the boldness they need to speak out. Many of these young girls now live with these permanent decisions (breast removal, surgeries) they have no idea how to get back to normal. I have personally witnessed one of these young girls (with breast removal, shaved head, guy clothes) and she has attempted suicide multiple times, and has been admitted to the Psych ward multiple times.

Shrier points out in her book, again, that this movement is being fed through the internet. She faced a backlash from the transgender community, causing a storm of comments trying to force stores to take this book off the shelves, (Target, and Amazon for two) but parents (and “Detransgenders”) rose up in favor of the book and it was put back on the shelves! Her book has now hit the New York Times best seller list, was voted ”Best Book of 2021” by the London Times, and a ”Brave and Compelling Book” by The Christian Post.

We are facing a generation of girls who are targeted and at high risk. Parents need to be aware and fight to keep your daughter from this indoctrination. Shriers approach to this book is, thoroughly researched, and thought-provoking to say the least, but compassionately written to bring awareness. I strongly encourage parents to get this book and help spread awareness! Transgender extremists must be exposed!

“Lord God, I pray now for everyone reading this to get purposeful in prayer about this topic. We come against this spirit, this movement that is destroying our beautiful daughters and granddaughters, neighbors, and friends. Give us boldness! Give people like Abigail Shrier continued wisdom as they fight in the front lines against these movements. Help our girls come home! Help those who have crossed-over realize there is a safe bridge in Jesus to get back. Help us Lord, to love our girls back to their God-given identities. In Jesus Name, Amen!”

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