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A.P.S. Testing

Why would I need an A.P.S. Test?


The easiest answer would be this: Because you need to reconnect with you were made to be!




Because you’ve held on too long…and it’s time to be free!

You’ve been down too long…and it’s time to get up!

You’ve been wanting change and it’s time to make it happen!

Are you tired of arguing? Tired of feeling down? Tired of doing the same thing you don’t want to do over and over again?

Now! We have answers! Let’s get you started !

 A great place to start is an A.P.S. Temperament Test

A 10 minute A.P.S. Test gives you Clinical Professional Temperament results that are literally life changing!

The Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) is a clinical diagnostic tool used by the National Christian Counselors Association to assess a person’s God-given temperament. It is extremely valuable in helping the client better understand themselves and also for the counselor to be more effective with each person.

The Arno Profile System does not measure a person’s behavior; it identifies a person’s inborn, God-given temperament. Who God created us to be (temperament) and who we become (through learned behavior) can be entirely different. We need to find out who we really are, and find ways to become the person God wants us to be (the true self) instead of the person we have learned to be (the masked self).

I’ve given dozens of these tests and so far 99% have been spot on accurate!

The system looks at a person’s temperament needs in three different areas:

  1. Inclusion – social orientation. It addresses our need to be around others.

  2. Control – are we relatively independent or dependent upon others in relationship situations.

  3. Affection – how much love and affection do we require from our deep personal relationships.

The first step to understanding human behavior is God-created.

This is called our temperament.  When we are conceived our unique temperament is placed within us by the order of God.


The second step to understanding human behavior is that we are man/environment-affected.  This is called our character.  At birth, we begin interacting with our environment and our environment interacts with us. The environment is everything we see, hear, smell, feel and learn. These perceptions are forever locked in our brain, and they help in forming our character. (temperament x environment = character.)


The third step to understanding human behavior is that we are self-selected.  This is called our personality and is expressed in the way we perceive how we must behave to survive in the world in which we live.

A Clinical A.P.S. Test is $75.00 (Includes one counseling session) Test results back in days!

Call me (217-651-4709) or fill out the form below to get started.

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