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anger: does the whole world need to know




Heavy work schedule.

Busy calendars.

Plans that failed.

Kids that won’t mind.

A spouse that doesn’t understand.

And as the day wears on the angrier you become.-the grouchier you get

Perhaps you are not really angry AT anyone.

But before the day is over you are mad WITH everyone.

And the whole world knows.

We erase the smile.

We wear our feelings on our sleeves.

Why do we do that?

Perhaps we are tired from a long busy week.

The house is chaotic.

There are bills you can’t afford to pay.

Repairs you can’t afford to fix.

Problems you can’t solve.

Answers you simply don’t have.

And suddenly no one can do anything right.

More often than not as women our frustration takes root with something other than the issue at hand.

For example…Maybe I’m dealing with low self-esteem

Or I hate that I am over weight

Or I have health issues that leave me tired all the time

Or I have been comparing myself to someone else

Or I am jealous of others’ relationships, homes, income, etc…

I feel unappreciated

I am impatient with God

I am feeling inferior

Maybe you feel alone

Any one of these things will wear on us, frustrate us, aggravate us,and rob us of living a fulfilled life if we don’t learn to deal with them  immediately and privately.

Once we are frustrated…and then tired and frustrated… we get short fused with everyone, everywhere.




With the spouse

with the children with yourself

How do we stop?

First you MUST Identify the source of your frustration.

If it’s not your spouse then tell them its not them.

If it’s really not the kids being all bad,then explain that you need some time alone from them to unwind.

If it’s because you are tired, take a nap. If you’re tired of cooking, order out. If you’re tired of cleaning let it go a day.

If it’s because you are frustrated with yourself…take time to pray.

Start walking with a friend.Go buy a new book.

Pick up a new hobby.Stress is very real.

But there are ways to deal with it without exploding all over people you love.

Take time to get alone. Take a long drive.

Ask yourself if there are things you can change. Make a plan to change those things.

Get on your knees and pray. Find a quiet place you can have a good cry and just confess to God you are weary.

Count all the blessings in your life.

Remind yourself it could always be worse.

At the very least we have to stop ruining every one else’s day because we are upset. At the very least we have to stop sending the kids to bed in a fit of fury. At the very least we have to stop blaming our spouses for every bit of our unhappiness

Separate yourself for a few minutes from whatever it is that is causing you to be angry.

Listen to yourself.

When you hear that you are yelling complaining, or speaking angrily-stop yourself.

Take a step back, and say it again nicely, or leave the room till you can.

Seek spiritual or medical counsel if necessary.

Talk to a good friend who will listen and not judge.(One of our family secrets…)I purposefully plan a 2-3 day getaway every 3 months so we can break up monotony of schedules,and to re-connect as a family and as husband and wife. 

Every body needs a change of pace husbands as well as children.

Whether it’s a few hours a day or a week.

We all understand Life can be hard…but there are things the whole world just doesn’t need to know!

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