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20 habits of strong marriages

About half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Those statistics represent Christian marriages as well as others. It is obvious that many people do not get married with the intentions of living “happily ever after.” But with hard work and dedication, people can keep their marriages strong, exciting and enjoyable. The key to a successful happy marriage is not over-the-top romance… but it’s in simple disciplines practiced on a daily basis. It’s holding on to things that matter most and letting go of everything else. It’s in realizing that life passes quickly and we should cherish every moment together that we can. Successful marriages involve both spouses’ commitment to the relationship. When two people are truly dedicated to making their marriage work, despite the unavoidable challenges and obstacles that come, they are much more likely to have a relationship that lasts.

Let’s look at some good habits of strong healthy marriages! 1. Communication. -Kind words. Compliments. Saying I Love you every day. 2. Respect.- Never talk down to your spouse. When you find out what makes your spouse really angry…STOP doing it! Apologize when necessary. 3. Spending quality time together. -Schedule Date nights. Put the kids to bed early, shut off all screens so you have time together. 4. Affirmation. -Acts of Love. Do kind things for each other. 5. Physical touch. -Hugs. Holding Hands. Back rubs. Intimacy 6. Appreciation. -Cards. Gifts. Flowers. Special dinners. Love letters. 7. Choosing your battles. -Stop fighting over petty things -You are on the same team. 8. Complete honesty -About everything. -Especially No money secrets. 9. Learn to be a good cook. -Make him anxious to come home. Fix his favorites, often. 10. Spontaneity. Little surprises before they leave for work or when they come home. Never stop flirting. Never stop dating! 11. Look/smell nice when they come home! -Throw out the old night gown! 12. Keep your bedroom clean and uncluttered. -Make it your romantic sanctuary. 13. Stop comparing your spouse/relationship to others. Build your own ideal marriage relationship! 14. Stop bringing up the past. It’s over, so let it be. 15. Don’t over spend or stretch the family budget by purchasing unnecessary things. Financial problems account for most marital arguments. 16. Forgive immediately. -stop holding grudges. 17. Look for ways to out-serve each other (BEST TIP EVER!) 18. Keep conflicts to yourself. Don’t share/gripe on social medias or at work! 19. Learn when to talk, and when to just listen. 20. Pray every day for your marriage. Take time to connect everyday, face to face. Not just texting or emailing, but face to face time. Hug every day. Meaningful hugs. And never let a day go by you don’t exchange I Love You’s! It is easy to take our spouse for granted and to forget how that person is special. Remind yourself often why you fell in love with them in the first place. That person is still there! Remember you are on a team. The same team. And by building each other up, and sharing support, you actually build your marriage.

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