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life doesn't have to be complicated

I am determined.

The first half of my life has whizzed by.

Memories. Scars. Callouses. Age spots. And wrinkles… Have accompanied me thus far.

Something in my spirit is almost demanding me to slow things down.

So many little things are available to us to enjoy but we can get so busy making a life, that we don’t enjoy life or people.

It’s all moving too fast. Hours are passing. And worse, years are passing.

 We work too hard.

And we live to fast.

Sometimes our lives are complicated because of the people we associate with.

Sometimes its complicated because we live above our means trying to impress people.

When will we learn it simply does not have to be this way?

I want to watch the flowers on the patio grow.

I want to hold my husbands hand while star gazing from the hammock.

I want to watch more sunsets.

Lie on the grass under the tree.

Take more pictures.

Eliminate worldly clutter.

Read more.

Put more time into prayer and spiritual things.

Get rid of debt.

Live simplistic.

Find more alone time.

Less social networking.

To quit waiting for expensive vacations and

learn to enjoy free activities like picnics and long walks.

I want to learn to give the heavy stuff to God.

To stop feeling guilty if I chose to do the dishes or fold the laundry till after the boys have gone to bed.

Whatever makes me feel bad…leave it.

Whatever makes me smile…embrace it.

Keep the BIG picture in mind-this world is not my forever

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