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disruptive personality behavior

People with Disruptive Personality Behavior seem to enjoy making life difficult for others -at least it appears that way. Disruptive personalities like attention. They tend to show up late or far too early just to be acknowledged. They need attention and they will be "disruptive" to get it.

Disruptive personalities really shine at large parties and gatherings. They tend to walk in a room and suck the air right out of it. Most people with disruptive behavior personality have a small sense of self-worth but that's hard to detect when they are clamoring for attention.

It's highly probable that someone who has a disruptive personality does not realize what they are doing. They were likely ignored or misunderstood early in childhood or some special social setting and they feel others don't value them. People with disruptive behavior can be dangerous because they crave attention, they will do almost anything to get.

Disruptive personalities will talk over some and talk down to others. They don't really care if you agree with them or not, or like them or not, they just want to be heard. As a matter of fact some will become very aggressive if they are ignored. A deep insecurity is triggered when they do not get attention.

A disruptive personality might flirt with a friends girlfriend, or pick a fight at a family function or start crying and become agitated, just to become noticed. A lot of people who have disruptive personalities are angry people. They tend to burn a lot of bridges with friends and family.

Are all people with disruptive personalities mean people? NO. We just have to understand that there are some people who are just very different from others. Communication is likely to be the best method of dealing with someone with disruptive personality.

Again, set your boundaries. Walk away from them when it becomes too obnoxious to bear any longer. Keep your words short and direct to not trigger a moment for explosion. The most important thing to remember is that people act outwardly because there is some kind of pain inwardly. Maybe just being a listening ear, and offering some friendly advice regarding their behavior could be helpful. Perhaps finding something for them to do at the party/event that they would receive some visible notice without having to be verbal about it could keep the evening moving smoothly. Professional help would definitely be suggested.

Difficult people are trying to protect themselves while also nurturing an inner need that stems from a deep emotional wound. If you can show compassion, you might have a significant effect on their life and cause them to make positive changes. Treat everyone with some level of respect -It could have many benefits in the long run.

Adapted from "Difficult Relationships" by Luke Gregory

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