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Breakthrough-Today Counseling works with children over age 9, teens, young adults, married couples, professionals, ministry workers, retirees
and the elderly! 

We have time for you!
Let go of the past
Get rid of bad habits
Stop making excuses
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No Insurance Hassle!

Cash or Check Only

Little Paperwork!

Read before you call!

kidkonnect counseling for
ages 9 and over
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Types of Therapy We Offer:
Advanced Personal Growth Counseling
Marriage And Family Counseling
Pre/Marital Counseling
Genesis Process -Compulsive          Attitude and Addiction Therapy
CBT Therapy
APS Temperament Testing
Teen Therapy
Kidkonnect (kids over age 9)
Anxiety/Stress Management
Anger Management
Life Transition
Spiritual Guidance
Free Support to Local Law Enforcers


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offers Advanced Personal Development Life Coaching
as well as Christian Counseling!

You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream! A good life is a life in motion. It's a journey not a destination. Our attitude toward anything in life is completely within our control! Life Coaching/Personal Development does not focus on the past as counseling does, instead, it focuses on the future...and you can make that as bright as you want to make it! If being happy is important to you then it is important to us! Whether it's spiritual, personal, familial, relational, professional, or business, Life Coaching/Development is absolutely beneficial!

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Take responsibility for you!


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