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temperament counseling

What is Temperament? Temperament is the set of traits that makes you unique. Temperament explains why you interact the way you do with those around you. It explains how you handle stress, make decisions, and what motivates you.

Why Explore Temperament? Temperament Counseling is for the good times as well as the tough times of life. Exploring temperament increases your awareness of your basic and unique needs while helping you understand how to meet those needs in godly ways. It can bring insight and healing into relationships.

As you recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and passions you can see the possibilities for how God can use you to bless others.

How Do You Get Started? The process begins when you fill out an A.P.S. profile form. This time-tested assessment tool, for adults, teens and children, takes only a short time to complete. Your responses create a unique personal profile that helps you learn about your temperament in three foundational areas:

INCLUSION Social orientation and thinking processes INCLUSION answers questions like: Who gets included in my life? To what extent? Does being with others rejuvenate or deplete me? How comfortable am I socializing? Do I belong? How much energy do I put into thinking things through? Am I creative? Impulsive? Do I analyze every detail? Am I more relationship, task, or goal oriented? The need that a person is attempting to meet in the area of INCLUSION is the perception of feeling significant or worthwhile. CONTROL Capacity to make decisions and accept responsibility CONTROL answers questions like: Who establishes and holds the power in my relationships? How much do I naturally want to influence others? How much do I want (or will I allow) others to control me? How willing am I to make decisions and accept responsibility for myself and/or others? Am I a leader, follower, influencer, rebel, servant? The need that a person is attempting to meet in the area of CONTROL is the perception of feeling competent and capable. AFFECTION Emotional interaction in relationships AFFECTION answers questions like: How many people do I want to feel very close to? How willing am I to be unguarded in my emotions with another person? To become close to someone, am I able to confide my innermost desires, anxieties and feelings? How easily am I able to give and receive physical expressions of love, warmth, and approval in my deep relationships? The need that a person is attempting to meet in the area of AFFECTION is the perception of feeling that one’s self is lovable
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